Ariel Knight

Indiana, currently lives in Humboldt County California

"I’ve actually been a skeptic of any type of Mustard for most of my life. I’d never had it on anything until my friend pretty much forced me to try the 420 Gold Mustard! I only caved and gave in to the peer pressure because I had heard so many good things about Dee Dee’s Medicated treats, so I decided to give it a try, and I don’t eat a burger or a hot dog now without my 420 Gold Mustard."

Ian Butler

San Francisco area

"I purely only tried the 420 Gold Mustard because I hadn’t heard of anyone doing a medicated mustard before and I wanted to give it a try! I was so surprised at how dope it tasted! I tried both the Spicy/Tangy flavor and the Classic Yellow, which are both vegan, another perk for me, and I would tell any of my friends to buy this stuff!"

Celeste Bountour

Humboldt County

"Since a kid I’ve had chronic neck and back pain due to the reverse curve in my neck. After trying 420 Gold Mustard the pain vanished! Edibles have always been hit or miss and even thehits had side effects. 420 Gold is a solid hit every time and it tastes great!"


Humboldt county

"Typically I’m a skeptic about edibles. I often find myself not enjoying the taste and/or not receiving the effects it is supposed to provide. When I tried the 420 Gold Mustard, I drizzled a bit to top off my sandwich. It tasted incredible, worked great, and was the perfect addition to my afternoon lunch."


Big bear city

"I usually stick to just smoking but due to my job it isn’t always the best solution before work so when I tried the 420 Gold Mustard it was the perfect solution for medicating conveniently and effectively."

Lo Mckinnley

San Diego California

"VEGAN AND 420 FRIENDLY?! As if I didn’t love mustard enough…I have severe food allergies, and my pallet is often limited, so I feel like I’m missing out! Thankfully, there’s 420 Gold Mustard! I love this tasty, medicated treat because I can put it on a sandwich for lunch, or on a snack, and not have to take several smoke breaks throughout the day! I also sit at a computer in a very uncomfortable chair, and whenever I use the more heavily CBD concentrated Mustard, it helps alleviate pain through out my long, work days."

Daniele Watts

Southern California

"Inanna’s 420 Gold Mustard is the PERFECT treat for any party!! Super yummy with avocado for a stress relieving midday snack! I like having it around after a long day of filming to take the edge off. I LOVE 420 GOLD!! Such an awesome and creative idea!!!"

Becka Wolsky

Tucson, Arizona lives in Humboldt County California

"I usually just go for sweet edibles, but the 420 Gold Mustard is the perfect way to incorporate edibles without going right to dessert! I love it with pretzels and on veggies! It’s absolutely amazing, and I would serve it to any of my friends!"

Sean Bennett

San Francisco area

"I now swear by this stuff ever since the first time that I tried it. I literally find ways to incorporate this mustard into my every day meals. There’s a bunch of different flavors, so its easy to not get bored either. One of the most incredible things about it though, is simply, its taste. I always put my money behind edible products that just get it right with the marijuana flavor mixed with making the actual edible taste good! I’m definitely going back for more and more. Count me in as a repeat customer!"

Emma Holt

East Coast, lives in Humboldt County California

"I am so excited about a product that will help me without hindering my athletic lifestyle! And it doesn’t hurt that it tastes PHENOMENAL! I put it on my lunch and can go on my way without taking too much times or attention away from the activitiein life that keep me going!"

Kira Lawrence

Venice, California and is from Humboldt County California

"I don’t really like smelling like marijuana when I’m going out into a professional setting, so the mustard is a delicious alternative for me! The vegan herb flavor is my favorite! It completely eliminates any stress and tension I get in my day-to- day life, without making me paranoid, which is how my experience has gone with multiple edibles. I’m so happy with the WAY I FEEL when I enjoy this delicious medicated treat."

Brian Lucas

Southern California

"When it comes to a flavorful, activating and organic mustard, there’s no comparison to 420 Gold! After years of working with celebrity clients and focusing on the highest vibrational flavor profiles, and most activating formulas, I can tell you as a matter of fact that my daughter Inanna’s 420 Mustard takes my influence to a whole new level. It is simply awesome that she creates all organic products with some even being vegan and gluten free! You Go Goddess!! 420 Gold simply RAWKS!!!!"

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