Original Medicated Mustards

1ST ever medciated mustard!

Welcome to our site! Our mustard is some of the finest creamiest mustards around. We thrive in creating a fine mustard blend from all natural products, that taste delouse while also providing the perfect amount of ganja without an overwhelming taste. Our product is praised for not having paranoia or other swelling side effects.

Did we mention it’s Organic?
Did we mention we have a vegan option?

420 Gold Mustard has the best of both worlds

We had the amazing idea of creating one of the best condiments available! Medicated Mustard! Now you can medicated with multiple different recipes. Browse our recipe section for tasty ideas/tutorials -link Taste like gold Organic Medicated Gold Mustard 5 Tasteful Flavors Take a few mins to browse through out tabs & take a look at all our site has to offer.